Hair Extension Treatment

Von Anthony Salon has the best recommendations for your hair extensions because we only deal with quality products for our valued clients. We consider Hairdreams extensions to be the best in the business, and we know that you will be very satisfied and excited about the changes that hair extensions will bring you. At all branches of Von Anthony Salon, we offer extensions with 100% human hair and have several different curl patterns available. Choosing the right pattern for you will be fun and exciting! You need not worry about finding the right color or shade that matches your own hair because Hairdreams has more than 50 different colors and shades to choose from. Our expert stylists can also make recommendations to you regarding the right shade or color that will go well with your current one. Aside from the color and pattern, we can also help match the texture of your current hair with the right hair extensions.

Once you have your Hairdreams extensions, we will recommend a hair extension treatment that suits you and your lifestyle. Getting hair extension treatments are an option that many women like to get because they prefer to have their hair in perfect condition. Using a hair extension treatment means that not only the extensions receive the treatment but also your own hair. Rich shampoos and conditioners work very well to moisturize hair and extensions, but there is such a thing as overdoing conditioning, and it should be avoided. We can apply the hair extension treatment for you to help you maximize the benefits of the treatment as well as regulate its use. Since Hairdreams hair extensions tolerate heat well, you can also have heated treatments as well as try out perms and waves. Curling irons and straightening irons are also well tolerated by the real hair extensions.

We have expert hair stylists certified with Hairdreams and ready to help you achieve your desired look. Consultations are complementary. Call or visit us and be ready to feel the positive difference that hair extensions can have on you.