Here at Von Anthony Salon, we recommend Hairdreams hair extensions for many hair problems and hair desires. Hairdreams extensions use 100% human hair strands which have been carefully selected from all over the world. The acquisition of the hair is based on strict ethical guidelines, which in no way brings harm to any individual. Developers of Hairdreams extensions guarantee that the hair they have acquired is raw hair, which has no exposure to any hair styling chemicals and the cuticle is all facing the same direction. Selection is done by hand to ensure the quality of each strand. Each piece is handcrafted for the best quality that the company can offer. Careful selection ensures that each strand that makes up the extension is healthy and shiny as well as match in appearance with each other and that of your natural hair. You can wear the Hairdreams extensions for around 4-6 months and even a little bit longer with the right care and maintenance.

Von Anthony Salon offers you professional services that match the quality of excellence that come with Hairdreams extensions. A fusion wand is used to attach the extensions to your own hair creating a durable yet very inconspicuous bond. The attachment is done so well that no one will notice it. Hairdreams hair extensions can be styled according to your preference such as curling, straightening and perming, but you can also do so in the comfort of your own home. Once the Hairdreams extensions are in place, you can style them and expose them to any treatment just like your own hair. Swimming in chlorine or salt water will have no adverse side effects to the hair extensions, but experts do recommend rinsing the hair well (whether it has extensions or not) after exposure to chlorine and salt water to prevent it from drying out.

Hairdreams extensions are available in several curled styles and more than fifty different shades to meet your preferences. The texture of your hair will also be matched with 5-star quality textures from Hairdreams, so there will be no difference from your own hair and that of the extensions.

Call us today to see the difference that Hairdreams can make in your life.