Hairdreams Hair Extension

Care and Maintenance

Maintaining the condition and appearance of your Hairdreams hair extensions is easy. At Von Anthony Salon, we will educate you in how to care and maintain your hair extensions. There are several styles for hair extensions, including but not limited to straight, wavy and curly hair. Even a straight style has different looks according to texture of your hair. Wavy and curly hair also have differences according to the texture and the coloring of your hair. Our experienced stylists and hair experts can match the color of your natural hair to that of the Hairdreams hair extensions. Hairdreams has over50 options for hair color. Overall maintenance for these styles is similar. You should:

  • Massage the scalp and headgently, not aggressively (especially during bathing)
  • Gently brush or comb hair with the Hairdreams brush, making sure to not use aggressive force
  • Comb or brush hair carefully

There is four to six month window of time in which the hair is at its most beautiful.During this time, you can do things you normally would do without any worries about mistreating your hair and your extensions. Swimming in both salt water and chlorinated water is okay but experts do recommend thoroughly washing your hair (with or without extensions) after exposing it to salt water or chlorinated water. Styling your hair with some heat, such as with the use of a curling iron or a straightening iron is also alright for the users of Hairdreams hair extensions.

For the care and maintenance of your hair extensions, contact us for a consultation. You can also visit us at any of our branches in Dallas, Frisco, Plano and Denton.