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Beautiful Hair Colors To Warm Up Your Winter
NEWS | 01/31/2023 Beautiful Hair Colors To Warm Up Your Winter

This is the time of year between winter and spring when everyone is tired of the cold dreary weather and thoughts drift to warm sunny days. The last few weeks of winter do seem to be the longest. We may not be able to change the weather to suit us, but we can help warm up these last days of winter with a beautifully warm hair color. This year's warm hair colors will be natural and minimal colors that simply enhance natural beauty and require little maintenance.


Dark Chocolatey Brunettes

Brunettes will be reaching for warming comfort in the form of chocolate. Rich chocolate espresso, dark chocolate mocha, sweet chocolate caramel- these are just a few of the warm, sweet shades dark-haired gals will be donning in the season ahead. Many of these chocolate shades will be taking on a molten effect with liquid hair treatments which add an ultra-glossy shine that reflects light like water.


Rooted, Illuminated Blondes

Blondes will be embracing the natural look with rooted color which makes any shade of blonde low maintenance. With dark roots new growth blends in easily without such frequent trips to the salon. These rooted looks take on an illuminated appearance with warm, sunny highlights that bring a glow to the color as though it’s lighted from within. These dynamic shades take on new levels of dimension and movement while keeping in theme with the natural and minimalist vibe.


Subtle Ginger Ombres

Red is one of the rarest and most coveted hair colors. Many avoid this gorgeous color for fear that it will look unnatural on them, but if you choose a neutral shade such as auburn virtually anyone can look like a natural redhead. The earthy brown undertones tone down the red for a more muted color. Your new ginger shade can get a boost of light and depth with a subtle ombre treatment that allows the color to gradually lighten towards the ends, but only by a few shades to keep the gradient low-key, while giving you a natural-looking color with a major wow factor.


How To Maintain Your Color Easily At Home

No matter how awesome your stylist is, if you don’t care for your new color properly at home it won’t last long. However, the right care can extend the life of your color. You can ask your stylist to add a gloss treatment to your color to give your hair a gorgeous sheen with the added benefit of leaving a protective coating on your strands that lock in the pigment keeping your color vibrant longer. You can visit the salon every 4-6 weeks to repeat the gloss and extend your color further. Here are some things you can do at home to keep your color vibrant as long as possible.


Shampoo less often. Many people shampoo daily out of habit, but every time you shampoo you are washing a tiny bit of color down that shower drain. Try shampooing only once or twice a week with a specially formulated color-safe shampoo to retain as much color as you can.


Take cooler showers. Hot water may feel great, but it opens the cuticle of your hair allowing more color to be lost. Keep the water just warm enough to be comfortable to help prevent fading of your hair color.


Don’t skip the conditioner. Use a color-safe conditioner every time you shampoo. No matter how gentle the dye formula, coloring your hair is a form of chemical processing, and while damage may not even be noticeable it’s still there. Regular conditioners can help to repair damage and strengthen your hair. It also keeps your hair moisturized which is beneficial to your color as dry strands tend to appear dull.


Use a deep conditioning mask weekly. Hair masks absorb more deeply than your regular conditioner to offer even more nourishing protection to your hair and your color. Smooth, sleek, well-conditioned strands have a natural shine that makes your color appear even brighter.


Use heat styling sparingly. High heat can cause damage to the pigments in your hair color. Frequent application of heat will lead to premature fading. So let your hair air dry when you can and try some no-heat hairstyles several days a week to give your hair a break from the heat. A professional blowout is one styling option that can last for days and spare your hair unnecessary heat exposure.


The talented colorists here at Von Anthony Salon are ready to help you warm up your winter with a trendy new hair color that will brighten your days despite the weather. Give us a call at 972-731-7600 to schedule your hair color appointment today. If you prefer to manage appointments from your phone download our free app from iTunes or Google Play We’ll see you soon at 7004 Lebanon Road, Suite 102 in Frisco, Texas.