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Brighten Up Your Summer Style With Highlights
NEWS | 06/30/2021 Brighten Up Your Summer Style with Highlights

Want to change up your look for summer but not quite ready for completely new hair color? Highlights may be the perfect solution for you. They add brightness and dimension without as much commitment as a total change of color like, say, going from blonde to red or from brunette to a bright blonde look. Thankfully, there are plenty of different options for highlights and gradual color styles trending this summer.

Balayage. The most natural-looking highlights are done using this technique, which paints on the highlights freehand instead of wrapping them in foils. The advantage is that the highlights look random, so the effect looks like some strands of your hair were just lightened by the sun.

Chunky highlights. They’ll be no doubt that you visited your stylist for these bold highlights because they’re done in chunky strips, usually using foils, to add tons of light-reflecting dimension. It’s a vintage styling trending big this summer that gives you a new way to add interest without a whole different color.

Ombré. While not highlights, the ombré trend is still a hot color this summer, and it gives you lots of options if you’re not ready to make a complete color change. You can opt for a sombré, a soft ombré that has less contrast between the dark top and light ends that make this look so distinctive, using colors that more closely match your natural shade.

Babylights. Babylights are the softest of highlights, usually done by using a balayage technique. They’re very light and subtle highlights that are designed to look like the natural sun-kissed hair you’d see in young children. It’s a great way to add just a little bit of a change without a huge jump to a new color.

Money piece. Last year’s money piece trend, with strips of light hair only framing the face, is still off the charts in popularity. But this year we’re seeing a softer blending of colors that make it a great choice if you just want a small change.

Thinking of new hair color but don’t want to make a huge leap? Let the expert colorists at Von Anthony Salon help you add highlights to your summer style. Call us at 972-731-7600 or use our mobile app to schedule your appointment right from your mobile device. It’s available for a free download on iTunes or Google Play. Our salon is located at 7004 Lebanon Road, Suite 102 in Frisco, Texas.