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Change Your Perspective, Not Yourself
NEWS | 01/12/2018 Change Your Perspective, Not Yourself

The New Year is upon us, and with it comes the idea that we should all make lists of things we want to change about ourselves. But what if, this year, we decide to change our perspective of ourselves instead? I propose that this year, we commit to treating ourselves better than ever before. Self-love is an important part of health and vitality, yet it often goes overlooked in the mad pursuit of so-called “perfection”. A healthy mindset is a personal commitment that we could all benefit from.

What exactly is self-love? It can look different for everyone; however, the main goal is to treat yourself as if you were another person. Sound strange? Think about this: how many times do you say things to yourself that you wouldn’t dream of saying to another person? You don’t look at your best friend and immediately begin pointing out all her flaws, do you? Didn’t think so! It’s time to stop doing this to yourself, because you deserve better. It can be a simple set of positive affirmations said into the bathroom mirror, or maybe that new look you’ve been putting off. Make a commitment to yourself that this will be your year. Instead of picking apart what you don't like about yourself, make the effort to find out what you love about you, and build on it!

A good self-care routine can change the way you see yourself, as well as the way you see others. The positive effects will radiate throughout your life. Whether it's a daring new hairstyle that makes you feel good, a relaxing massage to help you rejuvenate, or another one of our expert services, we would love to help you feel your best this new year. Our stylists At Von Anthony are here to encourage and empower, and they would love to be a part of your self-love journey. Make 2018 your year! Call us at 972.731.7600 to schedule your appointment or take advantage of our mobile app and schedule at your convenience. Download it free from iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.