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Easy Hairstyles To Do At Home
NEWS | 05/15/2020 Easy Hairstyles To Do at Home

We are literally counting down the days until we can get back to work, but until then we’re here to help support you while we’re all at home. Today, we’re here to talk about some easy hairstyles you can do at home to keep you feeling your best even if you’re not going anywhere! 

With the world feeling a bit upside-down right now, making sure we take care of ourselves is one thing we can do to help keep a sense of normalcy. Read on for some of our favorite easy hairstyles, and let us know if you try one out! 

Looped, twisted pony. We all know that a simple ponytail tends to be our go-to when we aren’t really going anywhere, but why not dress it up just a bit? This style is super easy and works great for mid-length hair or longer. First, part your hair down the middle and pull it into a ponytail. Create a section above the ponytail in two parts with a space in the middle, then pull the ponytail through that space. Tighten it a little to make sure it’s secure, and then loosen the hair a little. Repeat a few times, depending upon the length of your hair. What could be easier?

Knotted half updo. Remember when you were a little girl and your hair seemed to be constantly knotted? Well this time, you’re going to do it on purpose! This style couldn’t be more simple. Just take a section of hair from either side of your face, knot it once, knot it twice, and secure it with two bobby pins. This hairstyle might be the answer to the above question!

Easy beach waves. Wavy hair is a surefire way to look like you just had a carefree day at the beach, and this is an easy way to create the look. First, wet down your hair and add some texturizing spray. Next, take the top section of your hair and twist it very tightly into a bun before securing it. Repeat that process twice more on the sides and back of the hair. Blow-dry the buns for a few minutes, then unwrap them and separate the hair. Voila, beach hair!

These are just a few of the cute hairstyles you can do at home to keep yourself looking and feeling your best. For additional ideas, you can keep up with Von Anthony Salon online, or through our app. Download it for free from iTunes or Google Play.