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Get Festive Holiday Hair In Minutes With These Easy Style
NEWS | 11/30/2022 Get Festive Holiday Hair In Minutes With These Easy Style

Special celebrations call for special hairstyles, and what celebration is more special than the holidays? Ease of styling is a must when talking about holiday hair. After all, who has time to spend hours on a hairstyle amid the shopping, cooking, baking, planning, and traveling? But not all easy hairstyles are created equal. Some are plain and boring and others look intricate and beautiful. Here are a few amazingly festive styles that you can create in mere minutes. 


Messy Knotted Bun With Braided Band

If you want hair that gets noticed, this is the style you want. Start by braiding a section of hair in the front on each side. Cross the braids over one another forming a band across the back of your head and pin it into place. Gather the rest of your in two sections at the nape of your neck. Loosely tie the two sections together forming a loose knot. Twist the ends and wrap and tuck them around and underneath the knot to form a messy knotted bun. Pin everything into place and set it with hairspray. Add a bit more festive flair to this style by weaving a colorful ribbon into each braid and tying it together in a bow just above the bun.


Double Decker Twisted Bun

This style is a combo of two different styles. First, you’ll create a simple half-up pony. Separate the hair just above the hair tie and pull the tail up, over, and through the opening, you just made to create an inverted ponytail. Tug the twist to create volume as needed. Now, gather all of your hair into a low ponytail and twist it into a messy bun that fits right up against the twist. Pin it into place and you have a simple style that looks like it took ages. 


Inverted Pony Tuck and Roll

This style looks so elegant but only takes about two minutes to create. Pull all of your hair into a low ponytail. Separate the hair above the hair tie and pull the tail up, over, and through. Roll the ponytail up from the ends and tuck it into the center part, pinning it into place to create a beautiful roll. Pull out a few pieces in front and curl them to frame your face. Tuck a few sprigs of evergreen or holly along the top of the roll to add more holiday flair. 


Bohemian Side Braid

This is a gorgeous style for hair with natural texture and volume, and it’s so easy. Create a deep side part. Start a big loose French braid at the part and along the hairline to just below the ear. Pull all of your hair to that side and fishtail braid along the length of your hair. Tuck in some beautiful holiday bits and baubles or flowers and greenery to make this style extra special.


Braided Space Buns

Yes, space buns are still in, and it looks like they will be for quite a while. This is such a fun look for your holiday parties. Divide the front of your hair into two sections. French braid each from your forehead to your crown starting just above the outer edge of your eyebrow. When you reach the crown twist the tail into a bun and pin it into place, dress this style up even more by adding some festive glitter to your part and spritzing your buns with sheer glitter spray. 



Whether you’re going for sleek and sophisticated or fun and festive, the stylists at Von Anthony Salon can help you achieve the perfect look for all of your holiday get-togethers.  Give us a call at 972-731-7600 to schedule your appointment, and allow us to help make your holidays better with beautiful holiday hair. If you prefer to manage appointments from your phone download our free app from iTunes or Google Play. We’ll see you soon at 7004 Lebanon Road, Suite 102 in Frisco, Texas.