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Get Silky Smooth Frizz-proof Hair With A Brazilia Blowout
NEWS | 04/15/2021 Get Silky Smooth Frizz-Proof Hair With a Brazilia Blowout

For those with frizz-prone hair, rising humidity levels in the warmer months mean you have a daily battle on your hands. Special shampoos, serums, and anti-humidity sprays can help, but if your hair is really sensitive you can still poof up at the first sign of rain. If you’re tired of fighting the frizz it[‘s time you discovered the Brazilian blowout! It will give you weeks of silky smooth hair without slathering your strands with tons of products daily.

What Is It?
A Brazilia blowout is a specialized keratin treatment that gives you around 12 weeks of wash-and-go sleek frizz-free hair. Your results may vary a little due to differences in hair types and care routines. It works by bonding a keratin formula to the hair forming a protective layer that seals the cuticle to repair damage and lock moisture in and humidity out. The protective coating will also increase shine, shorten your drying time, and make hair easier to detangle.

Why Should I Choose This Over Other Smoothing Treatments?
It’s true that there are other smoothing treatments available, and while they give good results none can compare to the long-lasting results of a Brazilian blowout. This is the only professional smoothing treatment that actually leaves your hair healthier than it was before. Other treatments contain harsh chemicals that damage your hair, but a Brazilian blowout actually replaces the natural keratin lost from your strands due to UV exposure and other environmental conditions.

Customizable and No Downtime
Another reason to choose a Brazilian blowout is the level of customization possible. Want to banish the frizz but keep your gorgeous curls? No problem! Want stick-straight strands? You’ve got them. Discuss the results you’d like to achieve with your stylist beforehand so they can customize the treatment to give you the best results. When you leave the salon you’ll be able to immediately resume your normal activities. You don’t have to wait hours or days before swimming, showering, or hitting the gym.

Come see the stylists at Von Anthony Salon and break up with your anti-frizz serums and straight iron. Forget checking the forecast before styling your hair. A long-lasting Brazilian blowout will give you months of worry-free hairstyling freedom. Give us a call at 972-731-7600 to schedule your appointment or download our free mobile app from iTunes or Google Play to book your appointment right from your phone. We’re located at 7004 Lebanon Road, Suite 102 in Frisco, Texas.