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Hair Color For Mature Women- Shave Years Off Of Your Appearance
NEWS | 04/30/2023 Hair Color For Mature Women- Shave Years Off Of Your Appearance

Going gray is one part of getting older that many people dread. There are many products and treatments to slow or reverse the effect of aging on your skin, but the only way to restore color to your hair is to dye it and that comes with a schedule of maintenance if you want to keep your hair color secret a secret. Aside from this, the only thing you can do about your hair losing pigment is to accept it, but if you’re not prepared to embrace your grays you need to give some serious thought to your choice of hair color. The hair color that looks gorgeous on you in your 20s could make you look years older now that you’re more mature. Here are some tips to help you choose a hair color that not only makes your hair look fabulous but also gives you the more youthful appearance you want.

When mature women are choosing a hair color it’s important not to pick one that is super dark. It’s not only our hair that loses pigment as we age. Our skin does as well. If you dye your hair very dark it creates a stark contrast between your hair and your skin that makes your complexion look washed out, it emphasizes fine lines and wrinkles and adds years to your appearance. It sticks out and looks out of place which tells everyone that your hair color isn’t natural.

It’s important to pay close attention to undertones as well when choosing a color to cover your grays. You should look at warm or neutral shades to help brighten your complexion and boost your skin tone without the need for a lot of makeup. Cool or ashy hues can give your skin a gray look that is very tired and washed out, and that’s the last thing you want when trying to create a more youthful appearance.

Highlights that incorporate your gray streaks into the color scheme are an excellent alternative to an all-over hair color. It’s also a great way to gradually transition to your new natural gray color. Subtle highlights create a multi-tonal effect that adds dimension and interest that draws attention away from those pesky laugh lines and crow's feet. Even though the grays remain, they are incorporated in such a way that it gives you a more youthful glow.

So now the big question. What hair colors are the most flattering on mature women? These colors will not only flatter your complexion, but they will also shave years off of your appearance.

Babylights- If you’d like an updated look that takes the focus off of your grays without covering them up this is the look for you. Babylights blend your salt and pepper streaks into a uniform and cohesive multi-tonal color. Tiny strips of blonde and browns blend together with your silver strands to create depth and interest. No one will be able to guess that you were trying to hide gray hair.

Butter Blonde Balayage- Now is the time to try that light buttery blonde that you’ve always wanted but weren’t brave enough to try. A soft brown base tone with creamy butter blonde balayage on top is just the right soft color to give your hair and your face a beautiful youthful glow while distracting from any fine lines that might give away your secret.

Strawberry Blonde- If you’d like to add instant vitality, youth, and warmth to your tresses, think about a soft, reddish strawberry blonde. It’s a great color for those who already have light hair and want something a little more exciting to blend away their stray grays. Every time you look in the mirror you’ll love the younger vibe you see.

Light Auburn- Red is a tricky color to make work for mature women. The secret to making it look natural is to keep your red muted with undertones of brown that keep it looking warm without any blue or brassy tones. If you want red that doesn’t go over the top and look out of place light auburn is the way to go.

Chocolate Caramel- If you’ve been a brunette all of your life and are not ready to give it up a medium chocolate brown will give you the rich color you crave without being too dark. Some molten caramel highlights around your face will further soften the color to compliment your complexion.

A Better Shade Gray- Sometimes it’s not the fact that you’re going gray that bothers you. It might just be that you don’t care for the particular shade that your hair is turning naturally. In this case, you can learn to love your grays by choosing a shade of gray that you feel is more flattering. Try a stunning silver ombre that fades from deep pewter to shiny platinum. This look is even currently trending among the 20-something crowd.

If you’re still not sure what hair color you should choose to help turn back the clock a few years the amazing hair colorists here at Von Anthony Salon will be happy to help. We will create a custom color just for you that not only looks fabulous but makes you feel younger and more confident than you ever thought possible. Give us a call at 972-731-7600 to schedule your hair color appointment today. If you prefer to manage appointments from your phone download our free app from iTunes or Google Play. We’ll see you soon at 7004 Lebanon Road, Suite 102 in Frisco, Texas.