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Hot Hair Hacks For Summer
NEWS | 06/22/2017 Hot Hair Hacks for Summer

No matter what you have planned this summer, your hair is sure to take a beating from the summer sun. Here’s some hot hair hacks that promises to keep your hair healthy & soft and keep your hair color bright.

Protect Your Color
Ask your Von Anthony’s stylist about our quality hair products to prevent your hair color from fading, and to keep those layers protected and sealed from harsh UV rays.

Add Hair Sunscreen to Your Routine
Just like you have to protect your skin with sunscreen, you should use hair sunscreen to act as a UV filter to lock in moisture and prevent your hair from losing its color. Products that contain co-polymers like coconut oil and other natural products are best.

Rinse Before & After Swimming
Chlorine is actually a powerful cleaning agent. Between this chemical and the heat of the sun, it can activate stripping agents that will eat away your perfect hair color. Rinsing with fresh water before and after swimming can help to stop those chemicals from penetrating your hair.

Take a Break from Hot Tools
Natural is best for summertime hair. If you can, take a break from hot tools which can really damage your hair as it’s just adding more heat to your hair. If you must use your hot tools, try to be sure they are on the lowest temperature to limit the damage of hair breakage and faded color.

Hats are a Good Trend
Investing in a nice wide-brimmed hat can help to protect your beautiful hair while you’re in the sun all day. Start with hair sunscreen and then top off with a trendy hat. Protect your hair during the day so you can show it off at night while on the town.

If you’re ready for a fresh new hair color for summer, Von Anthony Salon can help! Let us help you find the perfect color for your skin tone. Call us at 972.731.7600 to schedule your appointment or take advantage of our mobile app and schedule at your convenience. Download it free from iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.