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Long For Curls No More- This Is Not Your Mother's Perm
NEWS | 10/14/2020 Long for Curls No More- This Is Not Your Mother's Perm

If you are someone who was born with limp locks the current hairstyle trends may leave you longing, longing for curls that is. As more people trade in their flat irons for curling irons and you’re feeling left out because your hair won’t hold a curl, don’t despair. You can rock that curly girl style with a beautiful soft modern perm.

Nearly everyone knows someone with a perm horror story. Perms from days gone by were harsh on the hair and options were limited. The results were often scorched and frizzy kinky curls that were dry and difficult to style. But times have changed, and so have perms. Today’s perms give you a variety of curl pattern options and result in soft, natural-looking curls that are easy to manage.

Zero Frizz

Perms of the past resulted in frizz because of the harsh chemicals that stripped the natural oils from the hair. Perm solutions have been reformulated over the years to make them more gentle. They now leave your hair silky soft and frizz-free.

Get Just the Right Curl

Curl options used to range from tight curls to kinky curly. Not so today. You can choose the look you want with just the right level and style of curl. Choose from springy spirals, tight ringlets, loose flowing waves, large soft curls, or anything in between.

Have Your Curls and Color Too

Just as perms have been reformulated to be more gentle on the hair, the same is true of hair color. It’s no longer considered a no-no to perm color-treated hair, or vice versa. As long as the proper formulas are used, and used correctly, you can safely enjoy both new curls and color too.

Don’t Want Curls? Go for Volume!

Perms don’t always mean curl. If you love your straight strands but wish for more volume ask your stylist about a volume-only perm to give your hair a lift without the curl.

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