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Look Hot This Spring With Hair Extensions
NEWS | 03/15/2021 Look Hot this Spring with Hair Extensions

If you are wanting to make a change this spring but just not sure how much commitment you’re willing to make, our hair professionals at Von Anthony can help give you a new look with hair extensions. In just one afternoon you can achieve long full hair, integrate highlights through your hair, or give yourself a whole new color without the commitment of permanent hair dye!

Give yourself a new length. Long hair is something that can take months, if not years, to grow out. If you want long hair but aren’t willing to wait, our Hairdreams® Hair Extensions can give you long, smooth, voluminous hair instantly! Made from the highest quality human hair, your extensions will integrate seamlessly into your natural hair, adding length where you want it.

Add volume and depth. Whether you have thinning hair or just want to add volume to your hair, we can strategically place hair extensions throughout the hair to cover up areas that are thinning, give you a more cohesive full look, or just add volume to your natural hair. If you have limp, thin hair, hair extensions can help give body and movement to your hair.

Enjoy pops of color. With hair extensions, you don’t have to commit to permanent hair color. During your consultation, we can help you decide if you’d like to integrate some highlights into your hair, add pops of color to your hair, or give you a whole new look from an array of shades and tones.

Come into Von Anthony Salon today for a consultation to determine how our hair extensions can help give you the look your want. Our customized evaluation will determine your hair goals – length, volume, texture, hair color – so that we can give you the hair you want while ensuring your natural hair remains healthy and smooth.

Make an appointment today to let the experts at Von Anthony Salon help you create the style you crave. Give us a call at 972-731-7600 or take advantage of our free mobile app to schedule your appointment at your convenience. Download it on iTunes or Google Play.