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Please, Wait For Us With Your Hair Care!
NEWS | 04/30/2020 Please, Wait For Us With Your Hair Care!

Ladies, we know everything is different right now: you’re stuck at home, boredom is setting in, and you are missing your stylist. At this point in social isolation, you might be itching for something new, and the temptation to do it yourself can be overwhelming! Before you act on your impulses and reach for that box of color that’s calling your name from the shelves of your local drugstore, please consider these very real reasons why that is not the best idea! Here at Von Anthony Salon, we care about the health of your hair and we don’t want you to end up doing something you might regret. Honestly, that $10 box of color won’t look so great once you end up needing a serious color correction appointment. Do yourself - and your hair - a favor, and wait for us! 

#1: One size does NOT fit all! Think about this for a second: drugstore box color is formulated so anyone and everyone can use it. But, is everyone’s hair the same texture, type, or condition? We know better than that! To compensate, most box colors are laden with the maximum amount of pigment and ammonia. This can wreak havoc on the health of your hair and increases the likelihood of an allergic reaction. Our education and experience allow us to customize your color treatment to your hair. No box color can accomplish what a good stylist can.

#2: Matte and flat? No, thank you! While matte might look great on nail polish or makeup, it is not the look we want with our hair color. The missing link here is dimension. Box color contains one formula that you apply to your entire head, which leaves you with one flat boring color all over. In stark contrast, your professional colorist will use a variety of techniques, placements, and formulas to give you a vibrant look that’s anything but flat.

#3: In case you haven’t heard, we offer the supplies necessary for a TEMPORARY HOME HAIR CARE COLOR KIT. This kit will be professionally mixed to your existing formula to cover your part and front hairline, only. This is the perfect temporary fix to hold you over until we can get to you!

#4: We are still planning to reopen on May 1st! This is just a few short weeks away, and we are working diligently to get everyone who has missed their appointments on the schedule as soon as possible. 

Have we convinced you to leave the hair coloring to the professionals? We hope so! Keep up with your good hair care routine, and we’ll hope to see you in May! And please, just stay healthy! You can keep up with us online, or through our app. Download it for free from iTunes or Google Play.