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Refine Your Look With Eyebrow Shaping
NEWS | 11/15/2020 Refine Your Look with Eyebrow Shaping

Eyebrows don’t often get the credit they are due, but the lowly eyebrow has a dramatic impact on your appearance and can either make or break your look. Unkempt eyebrows or brows that are not the right shape for your face will keep you from looking your best, and with the current trend towards bigger bushier brows, keeping them well-groomed and shaped is more important than ever. Our expert eyebrow shaping service will allow you to make sure that your brows are shaped to beautifully flatter your features.

Choose the Best Shape- Before you can choose your best eyebrow shame you’ll need to know the shape of your face which will fall into one of five groups- round, square, oval, heart, or diamond. Getting your brow shape wrong can leave your facial features looking unbalanced. The right shape will provide the perfect frame to highlight your features. 

Round - Avoid rounded shapes for your brows if your face is round. Curves will give your face a ball-like appearance. You should opt for brows with sharp angles to bring in some structure and even out the curves. 

Square - The goal for a square-shaped face is to soften the angular structure. A softly curved brow with a high arch will add visual length and lessen the starkness of the angles.

Oval - If your face shape is oval you’ve been blessed with a neutral face shape. This means that pretty much any brow shape will look fantastic on you. The one thing to avoid would be very high arches which can leave you looking a bit stretched. A softly angled brow with a medium arch is especially flattering.

Heart - Those with a heart-shaped face will want to steer clear of sharp high arches. Choose a softly rounded arch to help soften the angles of your chin.

Diamond- There is a little more to be considered with a diamond-shaped face, as they can be either long or short. You want to soften the lines of a wide-angled jaw as well as balance the length of the face. For an elongating effect go with a curved high arch. To shorten a longer face a softly curved low arch is in order.

It’s time to give your brows the attention they deserve so they can help you look your best. The brow design experts at Von Anthony Salon are here to help you choose the best brow shape to perfectly accentuate your features. Give us a call at 972-731-7600 or take advantage of our free mobile app to schedule appointments on the go. Download it on iTunes or Google Play.