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Simply Beautiful Hairstyles To Save Time On Busy Mornings
NEWS | 05/30/2023 Simply Beautiful Hairstyles To Save Time On Busy Mornings

For some it’s a rare occurrence, for others, it happens regularly. Either way, nearly everyone knows the feeling of waking up suddenly and realizing that you’ve missed your alarm. And even those who are always punctual know how hectic mornings can get sometimes. That’s why everyone needs to have a few simple hairstyles in their repertoire for those mornings when they need to look beautiful but simply don’t have the time. Today we want to share our ideas for simply beautiful hairstyles to save you time on busy mornings.


Messy or sleek, buns are an easy and versatile hairstyle that is suitable for any setting be it work or a day of running errands. The best part about this style is that your hair doesn’t have to be dry. It is actually easier to get a sleek bun if your hair is damp. So you can shower and go about getting ready allowing your hair to air dry a bit. Then just before you head out the door twist your damp strands up into a bun, secure it with pins, and set it with hairspray to keep it smooth all day. If you prefer your bun a little loose and messy you can keep it looking professional by wrapping the base with a pretty ribbon or strand of pearls.


Braids are another beauty staple that can get you out the door in a hurry, and they can give you a jump start on your style for the next day as well. It’s easier to braid damp hair as well, so you can save a lot of drying time. If you’re heading to the office you can create a professional braided style by twisting and pinning your braids into a cool updo. Leave your braids in overnight and in the morning you can take them down and enjoy the loose waves they’ve created.

French Twist

This is another wet-hair-friendly hairstyle that is perfect for the office. No one will be the wiser that you dashed out the door without drying your hair. Twist it up, pin it into place, and set it with a strong hold hairspray to help it stay sleek and smooth all day. Dress it up with a pretty comb or some decorative hair pins on the side for an instant touch of glam.

Pinned Back

Want to wear your hair down and still keep it out of your way? A pinned-back style is perfect for keeping behead or long layers contained while letting the rest of your strands flow free. Just part your hair on the side or down the middle and pin each side back with a pretty barrette. For a special touch twist each section a few times or French braid the first inch or two before pinning it back.

Easy Waves

If you find yourself running behind in the mornings on a regular basis you can make a few changes to your bedtime routine to make mornings smoother. Things like laying out your outfit the night before can really shave time off of your morning routine. Something else you can do is style your hair the night before. Sounds crazy, but stick with us here. When you’re getting ready for bed part your hair down the middle. Spray each side down with a bit of spray gel. Twist each side from root to tip and then wind it around the base to create a bun. Pin them into place and go to bed. By morning it will be dry and you will have loose waves that will last all day. For tighter waves divide your hair into more sections before twisting.

If you’re finding your hair difficult to style in the mornings the amazing stylists at Von Anthony Salon can help with a new haircut that works with your hair’s natural type and texture instead of working against it, or change your natural texture with a perm, relaxer, or smoothing treatment. Looking beautiful doesn’t have to be difficult. Give us a call at 972-731-7600 to schedule your appointment today. If you prefer to manage appointments from your phone download our free app from iTunes or Google Play. We’ll see you soon at 7004 Lebanon Road, Suite 102 in Frisco, Texas.