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The Men’s Guide To Hair Care
NEWS | 07/31/2019 The Men’s Guide To Hair Care

There’s no question that your hair is important to you- after all, it makes a major impact on the way you look! Taking care of your hair should be one of your top priorities, but with all the options out there, we understand it can be a bit overwhelming. Today, we’re here to talk about our top tips for men’s hair care, so you make your daily hair care routine more effective than ever.

Washing. Regardless of what the back of your shampoo bottle says, there is no reason to double-wash your hair. Not only is it a waste of product, but it can also be drying for your hair. The best wash is short and sweet: simply wet your hair with warm – not hot – water and then work the shampoo into your hair gently for a couple of minutes, then rinse.

Drying. Many men have the tendency to step out of the shower and immediately begin rubbing their hair vigorously with a towel to dry it. This is a major no-no! Your hair is at its most susceptible when it’s wet, and rubbing it can cause damage to the outer layers. This in turn will lead to frizziness and split ends. Instead, pat your hair dry after you shake out excess water while gently stroking it in the direction it grows.

Hats. Guys, we get it! Sometimes you just want to rock a hat-which is fine- but don’t overdo it. Tight hats can cause hair damage and loss because they pull too hard on the hair’s roots. Wear loose-fitting hats if possible, and don’t wear a hat every day.

Styling. There’s nothing wrong with using hair gels, waxes, and even hairspray to get the style and look that you want. Using too much product, however, can make your hair look unnatural and heavy, so use only the amount that you really need to get your hair to behave. In case you feel a bit clueless when it comes to products, here’s a quick primer to help you make the right choices for your hair type:

  • Gel – Gives you a wet look that stays in place. This product offers high-hold with lots of shine.
  • Putty – Putty is another high-hold option. This product offers low shine and without the stiffness of gels.
  • Wax – There’s no question that wax will hold your hair in place, but keep in mind it is tougher to get out of your hair because it’s oil-based.
  • Pomade – Pomade is great for achieving retro looks with high shine. Pomade also tends to have less holding power than other products.
  • Paste – Paste is a good option if you have medium to long hair. This product offers both medium shine and hold.

And there you have it! While we obviously didn’t cover everything there is to say about hair care, we think we’ve given you the basics! If your hair needs additional TLC, or you need a new look, the team here at Von Anthony Salon would love to help you out. Call us at 972.731.7600 to schedule your appointment or take advantage of our mobile app to schedule at your convenience. Download it for free on iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.