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Tips For Soft And Smooth Winter Skin
NEWS | 01/15/2021 Tips for Soft and Smooth Winter Skin

Winter’s chill and dry air wreak havoc on your skin causing dryness, flakiness, and itching, and it affects all skin types. Even if your skin isn’t dry, you may be making mistakes that keep your skin from feeling its best. By adapting your skincare routine you can counteract the harsh effect of winter. Here are 5 tips for soft, smooth winter skin.

1- Turn Down the Heat

Who doesn’t love a steamy hot shower in the winter? Most people take more hot showers in the winter than at other times of the year. The problem is that hot water strips the skin of its natural oils that keep it moist. Shorter warm showers will avoid overdrying your skin and preserve natural moisture.

2- Ditch the Itch

Winter and itchy skin seem to go hand in hand and severely dry skin is to blame. The light lotions you use in summer may not be rich enough to combat winter’s arid conditions. Switch to a moisturizing cream that is thicker and has more hydrating power. Slather on damp skin after your shower to seal in moisture. For problem areas, such as dry heels, a skin-healing ointment may be needed. Apply before bed and cover with socks for maximum skin softening power.

3- Dress Well

Always be sure to bundle up before heading out into the cold. Hats, gloves, and scarves help keep your skin covered and protected from dry winter winds. Whenever possible opt for breathable natural fabrics that don’t irritate your skin. If your wool sweater is itchy, wear a thin cotton or silk layer underneath to prevent scratching.

4- Moisturize the Air

The cold outside and heat inside pull moisture from the air and eventually from your skin as well. To prevent the air from robbing your skin of moisture, moisturize the air with a cool-mist humidifier. Place humidifiers in the areas you spend the most time, such as your bedroom. The more humidity there is in the air, the less the air will take from your skin.

5- Hydrate From Within

You can hydrate your skin from within by making sure to drink the recommended 8 glasses of water every day. Staying well hydrated has many health benefits, one being healthy skin. If you need some comforting warmth, get your hydration with a cup of hot tea.

The arrival of winter doesn’t have to mean dry, uncomfortable, itchy skin. By making these adjustments to your daily routine and visiting the skincare experts at Von Anthony Salon for a skin hydrating facial you can have soft, smooth skin throughout the season. Give us a call at 972-731-7600 to schedule an appointment or download our free app from iTunes or Google Play to manage appointments from your phone.