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Top 5 Reasons You Need To Try Hair Extensions Now
NEWS | 09/30/2022 Top 5 Reasons You Need to Try Hair Extensions Now

What do you think of when someone mentions hair extensions? Longer hair, right? That is what most people associate with hair extensions. They view them as a luxury service only for the wealthy and celebrities. The truth is that extensions offer so much more than just long hair, and are a practical solution to many hair styling problems for anyone.

Thicker More Voluminous Strands

Did you know that you don’t necessarily have to alter the length of your hair to get hair extensions? You can get them to add volume to your mane, or to fill in thin spots. Extensions are the perfect solution for those with naturally thin limp hair as well as people suffering from hair loss. Extensions can be especially helpful to those suffering from post-COVID hair loss as they will instantly give them the look of thicker hair while they’re waiting for their hair to grow back in.

Faster, Easier Styling

How many times have you looked at a gorgeous hairstyle with tons of volume and wished you could pull it off, but then been snapped back into reality by your fine, limp strands? One of the most common complaints of women with fine, thin hair is that it takes forever to achieve the volume they need for the styles that they want, and then it falls flat quickly. Extensions build the volume for you so that you can quickly create those beautiful full styles instead of fighting with your hair for hours.

Experimentation Without Worry

Many people are reluctant to experiment with their hair because they’re afraid of damaging it. Hair extensions make it possible to play around with splashes of color, hair length, and thickness without worrying about damaging your precious locks. Go ahead and try those hot pink highlights. If you don’t like them, simply have them removed.

Relieves Haircut Regret

Anyone who has ever had their hair cut has dealt with haircut regret at one time in their life. If you like to experiment with your hair, odds are that you’ve dealt with it more than once. There’s nothing more disappointing than building anticipation over that awesome haircut you’ve been dying to try, only to feel your heart sink when that chair turns around. Either you picked a cut that isn’t flattering for you or your stylist didn’t fully understand what it was that you wanted. Whichever the case may be, you're looking at weeks to months of dealing with an awkward haircut while growing it back out, unless you get hair extensions. They will instantly fix your haircut mistake.

Spruce Up For Special Occasions

Extensions are a great way to spruce up for special occasions. They will add glamor and wow factor to your style instantly, especially if you have shorter hair. Extensions will allow you to wear any style you want, no matter the length you started with. Nothing pairs better with a little black dress than long flowing waves. And intricate bridal styles are much easier to achieve with longer, thicker hair.

Caring For Your Extensions

Hair extensions aren’t difficult to care for. You do need to keep them well hydrated, especially in cooler, drier weather. Your stylist will recommend products to keep your extensions healthy. You’ll want to take a look at how you dry your hair. Don’t rub your hair with your towel as that creates friction that can damage your extension bonds. Instead, gently blot and squeeze to remove excess water. You’ll also need to be sure to use the proper technique to brush your extensions. Using an extension brush hold your hair at the roots for support and begin brushing gently from the tips working your way up your strands, brushing gently downward to the tips with each stroke to remove tangles.

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